Social Community

The social community on Tina’s Learning Adventures is available for all homeschoolers. There are sections of it that are for free, and sections that are for paying members only.

With tons of fun features, it is very much like social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It has groups and messaging and newsfeeds. It has user profiles and topical forums and lots of ways to share fun images, videos, files, and of course, emoticons and animated gifs!

I created this community as a place for homeschoolers to form connections and share resources while not being bombarded by ads or worrying about their every move being watched and recorded for marketing purposes.

Of course, every online community must have monitoring and rules to keep things friendly…and this community is no exception…

This is a secular homeschool community.

Secular means NON-religious, NOT anti-religious.

Therefore, this does not mean that religious homeschoolers are not welcome. This means that it is a site being run by a secular homeschooler and I understand the need for secular communities for homeschoolers and this site is one of them.

There are MULTITUDES of communities available for religious homeschoolers to discuss religious topics. On this site, religious topics are off-limits UNLESS they are learning related. And by learning related I mean as in, learning about world religions or religious beliefs in historical context, that sort of thing. NOT about personal religious beliefs.

Respect is expected.

It is expected that we all know how to treat each other with respect.

If you disagree, SCROLL ON BY.

There’s no need to comment on something just to say that you disagree. Assume the post is not for you and scroll on by.

No Self-Promotion

This is not the place for the marketing of opportunities, products, or other sites. That right is reserved solely for the webmama of this website.

Heated topics need to be taken elsewhere.

This is not a place for heated debates. Topics that spark strong emotions on both sides don’t belong here. We are here to support each other not attack. And this goes especially for anything related to vaccines, masking, and the current pandemic. Let’s just not go there.

These rules are subject to change at any time, as needed.