Video Response Worksheet


Put more thought into your kids’ documentary watching!

This worksheet is designed to encourage students to really pay attention to longer learning videos like documentaries, “based on a true story” movies, and biographies. This will have them think about what they already know before watching, take simple notes during and follow up with writing about what they learned, look up unfamiliar words and more, afterward!

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9/22/21 — Added 2 free ecourses to this purchase: Course Tutorial and Phases of the Moon. Now when you download this product, you also get a chance to sample these 2 free courses.


Instead of just having students log what they observe in the videos they watch, this worksheet prompts students to really THINK…About what they already know about the subject, about unfamiliar words they hear, about unfamiliar concepts, about things in the video that made them wonder (and encourages further research), and more!



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