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Encourage your students to dive deep into their learning experiences!

I created these journal pages to go with the stations for my “Experience-Based Learning” system.  The idea is to have stations centered around EXPERIENCES instead of academic subjects. Examples: Watch, Read, Listen, etc…


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A topic is chosen (preferably by the children), and every station is filled with activities and resources that are related to this topic. In this way, we appeal to the children’s interests and spark that desire for learning. See the link above for specific examples and photos of this system in action.

These journal pages then have the children take time to log what they are doing and what they learned, what they thought, or how it went (depending on the activity). There is also a generic journal page for writing on any subject, such as how the day’s events went. It was created specifically for the “Write something” station, but can be used for any journal writing.

Completed journal pages can be grouped together by topics studied and gathered in a binder along with photos and other products of that topic’s station work… to be shared with others and/or revisited later.


The stations and corresponding journal pages are as follows:
  • “Watch something” station: Video Journal page-for documenting short videos and what children learned and thought about what they watched. For longer videos, I recommend my Video Response Worksheet.
  • “Listen to something” station: Listen Journal page-for documenting read alouds, audiobooks, educational podcasts and music.
  • “Create something” station: Create Journal page-for documenting all kinds of enriching and fun art, science and history projects.
  • “Play something” station: Play Journal page-for documenting all kinds of play and games: board, card, playground, and online games.
  • “Write something” station: Journal page-for a daily journal on any topic you like.
  • “Read something” station: Book Journal and Webpage Journal pages-for documenting books and webpages read.
  • I also have a math station where I use a math curriculum, but this is not included in these journal pages.

This is a FREE PRODUCT I offer to you to encourage you to try out this fun way of learning!


NOTE: This product comes with both a printable pdf and a digital one.
The digital product is for use on devices or computers, for children that prefer typing to write by hand. It is a fillable pdf.

The digital versions will work on mobile devices on the Adobe Acrobat Reader app for typing info into it…but this is important: when you want to insert an image into your file (only where specified), you are going to need to use the desktop version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

That feature (inserting images) only works on Adobe Acrobat Reader (or DC, if you have it), and ONLY on the desktop version. It’s pretty cool though, you should check it out!

If you choose digital…When you are done filling it out, you can PRINT IT, all filled in, and save in a binder with all the other things you are going to create with this course!



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