Homeschool Membership Community






This is a membership community that is currently in its alpha phase.

As an alpha tester, you will get to:
  • Try out all my products and e-courses. Currently, there are 4 e-courses for children and 4 virtual products and I am in the process of adding more.
  • Help me find any errors/glitches in the membership site so I can fix them before I go live.
  • Give me your honest feedback to help me improve my site and products.
  • Help mold my membership community site and products into what homeschoolers truly need by sharing with me what YOU need and don’t need.
In exchange for receiving membership and products for free, I request your honest, helpful feedback as well as reviews from you on products, which I may choose to share on my website.
I also ask for your help by posting (genuine) questions, comments, and interactions on the new online membership forums…which will help greatly in getting our online membership community established.
You are always welcome to cancel and leave at any time if it’s not working for you.

Ongoing Membership will include:
  • Homeschool related e-courses.
  • Virtual products designed to help you on your homeschool journey.
  • Private support forums and online community of homeschoolers from all over the world
  • Individualized help from me, a 14yr veteran homeschooler of 2
  • Regularly added play-based, developmentally appropriate lessons for preschool and kindergarten from someone (me) with a degree in child development.
  • Probably more things as I think of them. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas!


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