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I am a secular ADHD homeschool mom. 
I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 49, and my daughter at age 19.
And I strongly suspect my son also has it.

I am designing this podcast specifically to help those like me
that struggle at homeschooling
due to a “shiny” (affectionate term for ADHD)  brain.

Because the stuff I share can be used by ANYONE!


I want to share with you:

  • Stuff that works to help with ADHD struggles
  • ADHD-friendly organization and planning tips!
  • Homeschooling tips/tricks/hacks
  • Child Development stuff every parent should know (but many of us don’t!)
  • Reviews of books, curriculum, websites, and all kinds of learning resources
  • Interviews with secular curriculum developers
  • Interviews with other homeschoolers (esp. “A Day in the Life”!)
  • Answers to YOUR questions that you send to me
  • Recipes and Projects and Activities, oh my!
  • Ideas…I am always FULL of them! (THANK YOU ADHD BRAIN!)
  • Tutorials on things that I feel would be helpful to walk you through
  • Insights from my experiences
  • Support…ALWAYS
  • Online links…oh so many links!
  • …And anything else I can think of! (There’s always new things bubbling!)

I come from the perspective of a geeky bookworm with a passion for working with kids and keeping it real in my struggles with an always distracted brain.

I have 17 plus years of experience homeschooling 2 kids as well as a wealth of experience of early childhood and learning from working in a variety of education-related work experiences both before and after motherhood.

I have a bachelor’s degree in child development that was particularly useful when I became a mother and homeschooler, it turned out!  I now see the value in every parent learning some child development and want to share some in this podcast when I can!

I cannot promise that this podcast will ever be produced with any sort of reliable consistency…being the “shiny” (ADHD) that I am…or that it won’t bounce all over the place with whatever current idea I might be the most excited about…BUT…

I assure you that this podcast will always be informative and full of GOOD STUFF and most of all REAL!!

And if you are an ADHD homeschool parent like me…you will probably feel like you are not alone. 

Because you are SO NOT ALONE.

If you don’t have ADHD…
you will still find plenty of things here to help you on your homeschool adventures!!