I’m just a busy bee!

I have been spending every available moment working on this website lately. There is SOOOO much to be done here. ALWAYS!

I launched the membership community but there still was so much to complete. I just wanted to open things up so I could start to welcome in members and start helping homeschoolers!

But I continue to work extremely hard at creating amazing things daily for my members!

I recently completed my tutorial on the ins and outs of eCourses on my site, and this week I have had my nose to the grindstone working on completing the tutorial for learning all the ins and outs of Membership. I’m not quite halfway finished at this point. There are many features and aspects to membership, both in structure and features, and that takes a whole lot of explaining!

Also, as I am working my way through explaining things, I keep finding things to improve! Which, of course, makes the tutorial take longer to complete…but I think IT’S ALL GOOD! Because in the long run, it will only make everything MUCH BETTER!

I’m VERY PROUD of all that I’m building here and I hope to finally be able to start building membership soon! I have tester members that are here to help me get things set up properly and iron out the kinks. But I am ready to be helping a whole membership now!

OH! And I woke up this morning from a dream that gave me what I think is a neat idea for a badge system… I am going to hash out the idea and figure out how I can make it work in a helpful way. So stay tuned for the info on that once I get it figured out! I’m excited to share it! I think the idea has a lot of potential!

Well, I’d best get my busy butt back to work!!

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