How to add a custom TLA bookmark icon to your Smartphone

These are instructions to enable you to make a thumbnail bookmark icon on your smartphone for Tina’s Learning Adventures. It will look similar to an app on your device, but take you to this website when you tap it. Handy, eh? 😊

It will make it SO much easier to find this site again when you want to do things like:

  • see what new products are available
  • check the forums
  • work on a course
  • message a friend in our online community

Instead of hunting around for the bookmark or tediously typing the URL every time, you can just tap the icon bookmark on your phone or tablet instead!

I know I personally have a dickens of a time always trying to remember where I save bookmarks, so saving the bookmark on my home screen has made it SO much easier for me to find my way back to the sites I visit frequently!

Apple Devices

In the Safari app on an iPhone or iPad, visit the webpage you want to bookmark. I recommend the login page:

Here’s a video tutorial on what to do next:

Android Devices

Using the same TLA link above, here’s a tutorial for Android users: