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I have been homeschooling for about 17yrs and helping homeschool families for over a decade.

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Membership Includes:

All currently available eCourses, for both parents AND kids, are included in your membership! New courses added as they become available!

One-on-one homeschool help from Tina, a veteran homeschooler of over 17 years. Virtual office hours listed on About Page.

To answer all the questions you have during your homeschool journey on a regular basis! Replay videos are always available afterward!

Fun monthly challenges to help members continue to learn and grow as homeschool parents and increase the learning opportunities in their homes.

An online community of parents supporting each other on their similar homeschool journeys. This is where group coaching happens and friendships are made!

This is a well-organized library full of valuable homeschool, education, and parenting-related web links. Regularly curated and added to!

These are things like special eCourses that are designed specifically with the membership community’s requests and needs in mind, as well as archived Q&A session videos.

An extensive list of books for all age groups! Find book recommendations for your children and yourself for your next read! Regularly curated and added to!

All currently available activity pages from the shop, as well as a variety of homeschool, education, and parenting-related resources available to download or print. Curated and added to regularly.

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Memberships are through Paypal subscriptions and will renew regularly until you cancel via your Paypal account, which you can do at any time.

For charter school families, I also have available non-renewing memberships that can be purchased with your school funds. See all levels here.

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As low as:



As low as:



Non-renewing options available for charter schools!

Frequently asked questions

Please note: I am just getting started on this program, and so as things progress, things will get tweaked as needed. This list is subject to change at any time. However, existing members will get a heads up before I make any significant changes to the community. I also will be basing most of my decisions on feedback from my members, so they will be included in these decisions.

  1. ALL CURRENTLY AVAILABLE eCOURSES are included with membership. Both parents’ AND kids’ eCourses! Check out my online store to see what is currently available. And as I add courses, members will get them added to their accounts as well! This will change eventually once my store grows, but I will not remove courses from members’ accounts once they already have had access to them. So get in on this now while you can access ALL eCourses as part of your membership! Accessible by all paying members.
  2. DOWNLOAD LIBRARY. All currently available activity pages from the shop as well as other downloadables/printables related to homeschooling, education, and parenting that I have collected or created. I will continue to create and collect resources for this library as time goes on and this library will continue to grow. Accessible by all paying members.
  3. LINK LIBRARY. A well-organized library full of valuable homeschool, education, and parenting-related web links! The link library can be added to by any member at any time! Accessible by all paying members.
  4. BOOK LISTS. An extensive and well-organized list of books for all age groups! Find book recommendations for your children and yourself for your next read! The book lists can also be added to by any member at any time! Accessible by all paying members.
  5. AN ONLINE COMMUNITY of homeschoolers like you that understand what you are going through and are learning right alongside you. This site has tons of social media-like features that make it a lot of fun to interact with once you become a member, including personal profiles, social groups, social forums, and private messaging. All of these are very interactive and visual, allowing the posting of images, videos, animated gifs, and emojis, giving the site a very fun social feel once you join the community! And SUPPORT for each other is every bit as encouraged in our community as is learning! Along with the social aspects comes high security and moderation and you can rest assured that this community is a safe place to be! Not to mention all the group coaching that happens in our membership forums! Accessible by all paying members.
  6. MEMBERS-ONLY CONTENT Designed specifically with the membership community’s requests and needs in mind. This is a special library of eCourses only available to members of the basic and premium membership community and will continue to grow over time. 
  7. MONTHLY CHALLENGES to keep members learning and growing as homeschool parents. Examples: Incorporate Art into your Homeschool Day Challenge, Incorporate Music into your Homeschool Week Challenge, Unplugged Challenge (time period without technology, with a task to do together), Setting up your Homeschool Area Challenge, Stop Motion Animation Challenge (for the whole family!), and on and on…  Some of these challenges will be to help you develop good habits, some will be to learn or try new things, some will be just for fun, and some will be just because I had a cool idea! The possibilities are endless! Participation is completely voluntary, though of course, I hope you participate in as many as possible to make it the most encouraging and fun for the whole community! Available to members of the basic and premium membership community.
  8. PERSONAL COACHING. I love helping homeschoolers find solutions to their struggles.  I will work with you to help you find specific ideas to improve your homeschool situation and most importantly, maintain and strengthen your parent-child relationship. Coaching will be done according to my posted virtual office hours.  To learn all about my background and experience, check out my about page. Available to members of the premium membership community.
  9. REGULAR LIVE Q & A SESSIONS to answer all your homeschool questions. We will also have other informational video sessions on a variety of topics such as child development and education-related subjects that will help guild you on your homeschool journey.  These live sessions will also be archived for later viewing. Available to members of the premium membership community.

This is an excellent question! I am certainly not ever going to claim to be some amazing homeschooling guru. BUT, I have been homeschooling since the very early 2000s, so I do have quite a lot of experience under my belt. And I have already helped literally hundreds of homeschoolers over the past decade or so via my online local homeschool Facebook group and local website. Seriously, I get SO MANY people that seek me out for homeschool advice on a very regular basis. And I am happy to help!

So this is something I am already very experienced at doing…helping homeschoolers, particularly newbie homeschoolers, that have something that they are struggling with.

Also, and perhaps even more importantly…I am the mom of 2 basically grown children. At the writing of this my oldest is nearly 21 and my youngest is 16. They are low maintenance at this point, in the scheme of things.

So I am available to help you with things that you, with littles, might find difficult to manage. 

I’m also super techie. So if you’re not…that’s another huge bonus, eh? I might be able to research and find things for you quicker and easier. Especially since I already have go-to websites and resources for many things.

So, for example:  If you need to learn about the laws in your state…I can find that info for you. I may even already have it available for you.

If you need help figuring out where to get started homeschooling…I can talk you through the overwhelming load of info that is making you stress out and help you narrow it down to the things you need to know NOW.

I’m not going to be able to do all your work for you, of course. There are things that are going to best that you figure out or experience first-hand, plus I do have other members to help as well. BUT, I think you will find that I can be of a huge service to you! Especially in the area of easing your fears. I’m pretty good at that. 😊

As an added bonus, I want to take the time to help you focus on things on a regular basis that maybe you never thought of, never get around to, or forget to do. Like sharing info and encouragement to include things like art projects and music to enhance weekly learning…something that so many of us forget to do! Or take a break and go OUTSIDE! 

I have SO many ideas that I am really eager to share with you!

While I do feel that I have a strength in helping newbies, I can also provide support and ideas for struggling experienced homeschoolers as well. Of course, this will vary, depending on the issues you are having and the personal experience and knowledge I have, but I am very good at finding sources of experience on issues I have no experience with (such as learning disabilities and transitioning to or from public school).

And I CAN share experience, ideas, and resources related to struggling with many issues as a homeschool mom…especially as a homeschool mom with diagnosed ADHD. Also as a mom with at least one diagnosed ADHD kiddo and one I suspect may also have ADHD. (He sure shows many signs!) 

Yes! This website is mobile friendly! 📱

I even have a tutorial page on how to add a custom bookmark to this site on your smartphone! You can find that page here.

While there are no requirements to participation, you are going to get the most out of your membership by participating since this is an online community.

I have many things planned to help encourage members to participate and socialize with each other and as time goes on more ideas will come to me to further his goal. I’m an idea person and I have run online communities for over 20 years now, so I have tons of ideas and experience! 

With that said, no one is going to force you to interact with others here if that makes you uncomfortable. You won’t get sent to virtual detention for not doing your “homework”, don’t worry.  😊

I have built this site using some amazing components that cost money to maintain. That needs to be funded regularly. 

Also, I have been creating, organizing, and helping families like ours in virtual and local groups for over 20 years now and I’ve gotten to the point in my life where it’s time that I take the things that I have learned from all these literally hundreds of hours of volunteer time and take it to the next level.

I absolutely LOVE what I do, and will continue to volunteer with my local homeschool community online where I can, but I also want to be able to deep dive and provide things that I cannot as a volunteer. 💖

Questions? Email me!

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