You're in the right place!

  • You're in the right place!

  • Tina

    July 27, 2021 at 4:47 pm

    Alpha Group

    This forum is for all things homeschooling!

    This is the place for those of us that have chosen to go even further in our parenting adventures and add homeschooling to the mix as well! Like we don’t have enough on our plates with keeping babies and toddlers alive, preschoolers busy, all ages healthy, happy, loved and taught right from wrong…PLUS the rest of the massive parenting to-do list…we decided that we needed to ALSO take on our kids’ educations as well! YAY US!! We ROCK! (And BOY are we TIRED!! What were we thinking? Oh, right…we CAN do this!!) Just.Keep.Swimming!! And remember you are SO not alone!

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