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Tina’s Learning Adventures is a website of educational online courses for kids and eventually (once created), homeschool parents. Current courses are designed for all ages of children, so long as they are able to read independently…though younger children can enjoy learning alongside a capable reader.

Courses include both online and offline activities and include a variety of resources including embedded videos and audio, book lists, links to kid-friendly websites to explore, short articles to read, pictures to see, and programs, projects, games and recipes to try and more. All centered around the topic of the course.

While Tina’s Learning Adventures courses are designed for a variety of ages of children, I would say that most of my courses will be aimed (as-is) at elementary and middle school aged children. It is possible, with a bit of tweaking and/or help to make them appropriate for a younger child (perhaps, joining in with an older sibling?) and I feel even children as old as high school would be able to enjoy and learn from these courses. 
Any courses that have age limit recommendations will be clearly noted.

That is entirely up to the children since these are self-directed courses. I HOPE that they find the resources and activity suggestions I’ve gathered absolutely fascinating and dive deeply in, immersing themselves for hours…but if they only do a little here and there, that’s ok too! I’ve picked the very best resources and activities I could find to ensure that whatever the children choose to do from each course, it’s high quality!

Unless otherwise noted, I generally do not require any assignments in my courses. I provide a wealth of resources for children to explore and experience, with everything in one handy location, easily accessible, and encourage them to dive in and make their own way in this learning rich environment. I give suggestions, I mention ideas, I share a lot of GREAT STUFF and I hope they will bite, but I do not force them.
I want them to come to their knowledge through curiosity and experimentation and the joy of learning.

If your family would like to enforce requirements on the courses, that’s entirely your choice. You have the freedom to use these courses any way that suits you.

I cannot promise that every resource or activity will contain material appropriate for your child, as everyone has their own views on appropriateness for their own children. Therefore, I strongly suggest thoroughly going through all materials prior to your child’s introduction to a lesson. I have done my best to ensure appropriateness in all websites and videos and materials, but only you know what is appropriate for your child and will be in line with your family’s values.

There is also the issue of the internet changing daily, hourly! I cannot stay on top of that. It’s simply impossible. I do what I can to vet all internet resources. But I must leave it to parents to have internet safety features in place and to be mindful of what their children are viewing online, and put strong warnings and reminders on my courses for children to get parental permission before doing online searches, etc.

But it all comes down to the fact that I can only do so much. It is up to you to watch your children and what they are exposed to. I am doing the very best I can to make sure not to expose your children to anything offensive or inappropriate, believe me! But there is simply no way that I can make the promise that nothing will ever sneak in. No one can. We must all be mindful of our own children.

If you have set up a separate account for your child (not mandatory, see the next question for more info), you will need to log into your child’s account to view their progress. Otherwise, you will simply view it from your own account. 

No. You can choose to have your child use your account to do their e-courses. Each course is in a separate location and they do not conflict with each other. So even if you choose to take any of the parent courses, you could take them all from the same account. The only problem would be if you both want to get onto the same account at the same time.

However, if you plan to have more than one child doing the same course and would like to be able to have each child’s progress in the course kept separate, you WILL need to purchase a separate copy (and set up a separate account) for each course that you want multiple children to take.

NOTE: Each account on Tina’s Learning Adventures needs to be created with a different email address (and one that you can retrieve emails from, in case of future password reset), but it doesn’t have to be the child’s own email address.

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