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Monitor your children's progress...

The account that is created at purchase (or logged in at purchase) will be the account that is linked to the course.

But many parents want their children to be able to log on via their own devices and work independently and separately.

Also, you, the parent, may want to be able to monitor your child’s progress without having to log on separately to each of their accounts every.single.time you want to check on how far they’ve gotten. This can be particularly tedious with multiple children.

The solution to these issues is a family group account!

What You Need to Know

Any course a group is enrolled in will be shared with every member of the group.

This requires that all group courses must have been purchased for each member of the group (except the adult).
Example: If there are 3 children in a family group, you will have to have paid for 3 copies of a course for it to be added to the family group.

NOTE: If you have a course that you want for just one of your children, not all of them…then I can set up a separate group for you for just the courses that you want separate with just that one child (or 2 children, or whatever you choose.)
For example, let’s say you have a high schooler that is going to have a few courses that your littles are not going to need access to, so you will only be purchasing for your older child, I can set up a group for just you and your high schooler while having a separate group for you and your littles, or you and ALL your kids…whatever you need. Just know that whatever course you are sharing in a group, all children in that group will have to have had a copy of that course paid for for them.

A group consists of a group leader and group members

You, the parent, are the designated “group leader” role of your family group.

Your children are the “group members.”


What You Need to Do

1.  Purchase the course that you want your family to share, as many as you need.
If you have 2 children that you want to be able to work separately and independently in the same course, purchase 2 of that course. If you have 4, purchase 4.

NOTE: You do NOT have to have your children work separately and independently. This is just an option for you. If you don’t want their progress and work to be changed as another child works through the course, you will want separate courses and accounts for each child. But if this is not a concern for you, you are welcome to have multiple children share a course.


2.  Create a separate account for each of the children that you purchased the course for.  
You can use this link to register each new user account. You will need to log out of your existing account to access the registration form.

The email that you use for the children’s accounts isn’t important. You can use one of your own other emails if you like, or the child’s own email. Your choice. Each account will need it’s own distinct email address though.


3.  Contact me and let me know that you need a family group set up for your family. I will need the username of your account, as the group leader, and each username for each of the child members…plus the course that you just paid for. 

I will confirm your information, set the group up for you, and let you know when it’s all good to go! (Or if there are any issues that need working out first.)


Let me know if you have any questions by contacting me via my contact page.

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