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Do you have a topic that your child would like to learn about or you would like your child to learn about… and you don’t see it yet in my store?

I can custom build your child’s e-course!

What is included:

  • An introductory lesson based on the topic chosen. This typically includes 6-10 short (5-10min) fun instructional videos followed by multiple-choice, fill in the blank, and sorting type questions to answer about what they’ve just watched. (See my free Phases of the Moon course for examples) to introduce the student to the subject.
  • 3-5 activities per station (Read, Write, Watch, Listen, Create, Play). Designed to be fun and engaging, to spark interest in learning about the subject.
  • A Journal Pages file to use for filling out journal pages for each station’s activities.
  • A Stations Chart file to help track stations, should you desire to use this method.
  • A Video Response Worksheet to fill out with longer videos viewed.

Please note:

  • Some topics may not lend themselves easily to an entire course about them, so I may suggest expanding the topic a little to enable more content.
  • After creation, all custom courses will be added to my store to be sold with my other courses. These are not exclusive content, but I am giving you the opportunity to guide the content that I create.
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