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What Parents say!

I love how much time it saves me. It lets me teach my daughter Internet skills without having to pre-search everything to screen for age appropriate content. It's also got a lot of great content for kids that don't like to do a lot of writing or get tired of dry textbooks.
Homeschool Mom
The classes don't feel like a chore. They are something I WANT to do, especially after watching the show.
Homeschool Mom
My kids really enjoy the class. I always make them do the things they enjoy less first, and they are always trying to do their Amazing Race stuff first
Homeschool Mom from VA
We just started the course and I wanted to effusively thank and praise you for the tremendous job you have done on this. This is what I dream of all aspects of our homeschooling to be like and I just don't have the time and presence of mind to put it all together. I love that it starts with a spine and then uses all sorts of resources to go off on a tangent and meander. You have really brought your experience and knowledge and web-expertise to this program and it is an inspiration to me. I think it would be brilliant to do this with many other topics/shows/subjects.‚Äč
Homeschool Mom from NY