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About Tina's Learning Adventures

Tina’s Learning Adventures started with a little idea I called “Homeschooling with The Amazing Racein 2012. (This is still an active Facebook group!)

After a couple of name changes (“Noodle Homeschool” …”Tina’s Adventures” …and finally, “Tina’s Learning Adventures”), changes of focus (virtual courses to IRL local field trips & courses, and back to virtual courses), and finally a move to its own domain name…I finally settled on what you see here!

Who knows what the future holds!

I have MANY ideas for eCourses…many are already in the process of being built! For both kids AND parents! 
And of course, there is my new MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY which has so much exciting things getting started!

So stay tuned for exciting NEW LEARNING ADVENTURES TO COME!

About Me

Growing up in the military, quite literally all over the world, created in me an adventurous personality that thrives on getting to know new people and is always up for a new challenge!

Having a father that was a pastor/chaplain taught me how to lead groups and organize activities as well as led to my passion for teaching. These things have always just been second nature to me.

As for ME…I’ve always just adored children and working with children. It was just always something that I was drawn to and who I innately was…even as a child still myself. I was the 8th grader writing and directing the chapel children’s Christmas play and spending every spare moment babysitting when most girls my age were having sleepovers. The vast majority of the wealth of work experience in my life has involved kids in one way or another. It’s what led me to get my bachelor’s degree in child development.

Regarding homeschooling…I became interested in/researching homeschooling before my oldest was conceived in 2000, and have been surrounding myself with my local homeschool community from the time she was an infant. My 2 kids have always been homeschooled. I graduated my oldest in 2019 and my youngest child is set to graduate in 2024.

Put all of the above information together, add in many more life adventures and years, a wide variety of work experience in working with/teaching kids of all ages over many years…a couple of decades of marriage to a wonderfully goofy guy, 2 wacky kids (now mostly grown), all that they have taught me from being their mom and sprinkle in 17+ years of homeschooling with a STRONG dash of ADHD (both me and at least one of my kiddos) and MIX WELL…

And you now have the older, even-more-open-to-adventurous-ideas (with a fair bit more experience under my belt to temper things now) version of ME.

And here's why I can make a difference in YOUR homeschooling:

  • I know what a struggle it is to find nonreligious homeschool resources for our secular households. You won’t struggle to adjust anything found on my site because *I* am secular, therefore, there will NEVER be any underlying religious content. EVER. At the same time…I am also not going to bash religious beliefs. So if you are religious, you will also find value in my content!

    I am also not “neutral”, so I am not going to remove any topics that I feel are essential (such as evolution, when it is relevant) just to reach a broader audience.

I have struggled greatly with my own homeschooling because of MY quirky brain. I “GET” how hard it is to try to be organized and stay on task with a routine. When I’m writing for parents, I write with myself in mind because it’s what I know. I think even neurotypical people benefit from the techniques that help those of us with non-neurotypical brains. 

…and I suspect my other child is likely also ADHD. This has helped me to see what does and doesn’t work for kids that live with ADHD brains. And it makes me constantly think about what these children would benefit from in my content. I try to constantly create content with the ADHD brain in mind. Short engaging videos, lots of hands-on activities, engaging topics, text that is broken up constantly with space, and different sized/colored letters to make them easier for the ADHD brain to read. Again, I think everyone can benefit from this.

 I have been doing it, and doing it a LOT, for well over a decade! I have had a whole heckuva lot of practice! And I have become REALLY GOOD at it! And I LOVE doing it! Let me help YOU!

I am only just getting started creating my products! I have a whole gigantic list full of ideas I have already come up with of things I want to make. I just have to find the time to make them! And I KNOW that there are going to still be many many more fantastic ideas to come!

The possibilities are absolutely endless with this ADHD brain of mine! It never stops whirring, thinking of new cool things to do!

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