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About Tina's Learning Adventures

Tina’s Learning Adventures started under a different name, “Homeschooling with the Amazing Race“, (which is still an active Facebook group!) in 2012 with my desire to make a family pastime of watching the CBS reality tv show The Amazing Race a little more educational.

I started looking for supplemental learning resources around each country the racers were racing through, and it just grew from there. Eventually I realized this was something I could share with others to enjoy with their own children.

I then changed it’s name to “Noodle Homeschool” and housed it for awhile on my other website Homeschool Realm.

Later, I found better ways to develop these online courses. And I ended up merging my local field trips business “Tina’s Adventures” (which I decided to ditch when it was struggling) with Noodle Homeschool and added the word “learning” to make it more clear what I’m doing with my adventures.

Changed the name completely to Tina’s Learning Adventures, bought the domain name and a new system to create the courses on and started moving the courses to this new home! A whole new system and a slick new site!

As time went on, I also began exploring ideas to create other types of courses, beyond the world cultures/geography courses. And things have just continued to grow from there as new ideas come to me! My problem has always just been finding TIME to get all these things created!

I have many new classes in the works, in a variety of topics, so stay tuned for exciting NEW LEARNING ADVENTURES TO COME! Not to mention the new MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY that is also in the works!! Exciting stuff!

About Me

Growing up in the military, quite literally all over the world, created in me an adventurous personality that thrives on getting to know new people and is always up for a new challenge!

Having a father that was a pastor/chaplain is where I learned to lead groups and organize activities as well as a passion for teaching. With my parents as role models, these things just came as second nature to me.

As for me…I’ve ALWAYS loved kids and working with kids. Even when I was still a kid myself. It was just always something that I was drawn to and who I innately was.

I was the 8th grader writing and directing the chapel children’s Christmas play and spending every spare moment babysitting when most girls my age were having sleepovers. My first “real” job was as a mother’s helper and the summer after I graduated high school I worked as a summer camp counselor. The kid-related jobs just continued from there!

Put all of the above information together, add in many more life adventures and years, a bachelor’s degree in child development, a wide variety of work experience in working with/teaching kids of all ages over many years…a bunch of research/self-reflection that led me to a huge shift in my personal belief system…a couple of decades of marriage to a wonderfully goofy guy, 2 wacky kids (now mostly grown), all that they have taught me from being their mom and sprinkle in 15+ years of homeschooling with a STRONG dash of ADHD…

And you now have the older, even-more-open-to-adventurous-ideas (with a fair bit more experience under my belt to temper things now) version of ME:

Secular (non-religious, not anti) homeschool mom and wife, enthusiastic organizer of local family groups (on and offline) and activities, and the creator of several online family resource websites as well as many creative educational products for secular homeschoolers.

My Specialties: PASSION and thinking up innovative new ideas and RUNNING with them!

Take some work off your hands!

I’ve done the work for you so you can enjoy the activities WITH your kids!
(Or take a much-needed break!) ​


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