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Activities that engage children through their senses & sense of wonder, provoking thought & sparking interest.

Family Learning

Activities that work well for both self-directed and group learning. Great for multi-aged learning time!


All e-courses and many activity pages include links for off-line learning with engaging hands-on activities.

Currently working very hard on a major overhaul of my Amazing Race courses (seasons 26 & 27). Since they were originally created in 2015, I am going through them thoroughly before re-release to completely update all their info and restructure them to a better format in my new system.

Season 26 includes the countries under development listed below and the ones already released are in the store

NOTE: The “pages” mentioned below all contain content already, are mostly complete, and I am just going over them to update them. I am not working from scratch on these courses.

Under Development

World Cultures: France
68% Complete
55 of 81 pages

World Cultures: Monaco
94% Complete
50 of 53 pages

World Cultures: Namibia
72% Complete
51 of 71 pages

World Cultures: The Netherlands
68% Complete
52 of 77 pages

World Cultures: Peru
74% Complete
51 of 69 pages


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Japan Course

World Cultures: Japan

Learn all about the culture of Japan! From the food and traditional dress to traditional and modern music. Explore Japanese customs, language, landmarks, and so much more!

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World Cultures: Germany

Learn all about the culture of Germany! From the food and traditional dress to traditional and modern music. Explore German customs, language, landmarks, and so much more!

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Phases of the Moon– Free E-Course for Kids!

Learn all about the phases of the moon while seeing how a Tina’s Learning Adventures e-course works!

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On Sale!

Custom Course

This is a custom course where you get to choose the topic and I will design you a course around your chosen topic!

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World Cultures: Thailand

Learn all about the culture of Thailand! From the food and traditional dress to traditional and modern music. Explore Thai customs, language, festivals, and so much more!

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Homeschool Membership Community Q & A

This course is to help new members of the Homeschool Membership Community learn all about how things work in their membership and this site. It is included with membership.

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Activity Pages

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Come on a learning adventure with me!

By providing a wide array of activities, I strive to provide something for every child... to ignite interest in every personality and learning type. Even younger children can sit on a parent or older sibling's lap and soak in something from the activities included in my courses.

Tina Smith— Owner, Tina's Learning Adventures

Your child will:

Lessons are set up in a format that centers around experiences vs traditional subject-based learning. 

This is because I strongly believe that hitting all the senses with a wide variety of activities is the way to spark that fire of interest for learning. For ALL kids. All ages, all learning styles.

Kids couldn’t really care less about seeing lessons divided by traditional subjects, unless it’s to help them avoid the subjects they hate!

So instead of separating my lessons into sections for history, science, and math, etc …Instead I have sections by EXPERIENCE:

  • Read 
  • Write
  • Watch
  • Listen
  • Play
  • Create
    and in some courses:
  • Investigate
  • Solve

Now, WITHIN these experiences are mixed many of those traditional subjects that we homeschool parents concern ourselves with. So they are still there! They are intertwined in everything!

I take a topic, be it a season of The Amazing Race or The Gold Rush or a person in history…and I find resources and create activities around these topics that hit all those experiences listed above, as much as possible. And while I am filling in these lessons, I am also keeping in the back of my mind those traditional subjects to ensure that I also am bringing in enough of them to really give the lessons the full enrichment quality that I am wanting to create.

Learn more about my version of Experience-Based Learning here.

I create courses with this phrase in mind: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” 

I don’t believe that children are here for us to pour info into. That is not true learning. I think many of us, including homeschoolers, forget this, or have a misguided belief about this due to our culture’s very strong emphasis on pail-filling “education”. I still struggle with this constantly!

But through my courses, I am seeking to ignite and follow those sparks, which are oh-so-much-MORE important than volumes of facts learned. 

One spark of interest can lead to weeks, months, YEARS of pursuing learning in ways that shoveling of facts at a child will never, ever accomplish.

I like this mom’s take on what she calls “Spark Schooling”.

It is because of my desire to follow the child’s interest that I do NOT require anything in my courses. There are no required assignments or tests or quizzes or papers to write. I give them a choice in all activities. There are some activities that I may ask them to please do FIRST, and I explain why it will mean so much more if they do…but I want the child to do an activity because it has sparked her or his interest, not because it’s on a list of required assignments. 

Children are guided through how to find the answers to questions that arise as they work through activities and are exposed to multiple safe, helpful online tools for research.

All my content is designed to be fun and engage the child with no dry worksheets and busywork. After many years of working with children and then raising my own 2, I have a strong desire to meet kids on their level and find ways to keep the children’s interests and enjoyment FIRST and FOREMOST! 

What Parents Have to Say

We just started the course and I wanted to effusively thank and praise you for the tremendous job you have done on this. This is what I dream of all aspects of our homeschooling to be like and I just don't have the time and presence of mind to put it all together. I love that it starts with a spine and then uses all sorts of resources to go off on a tangent and meander. You have really brought your experience and knowledge and web-expertise to this program and it is an inspiration to me.

I think it would be brilliant to do this with many other topics/shows/subjects.
Homeschool Mom from NY
I love how much time it saves me. It lets me teach my daughter Internet skills without having to pre-search everything to screen for age appropriate content. It's also got a lot of great content for kids that don't like to do a lot of writing or get tired of dry textbooks.
Homeschool Mom
The classes don't feel like a chore. They are something I WANT to do, especially after watching the show.
Homeschool Mom
My kids really enjoy the class. I always make them do the things they enjoy less first, and they are always trying to do their Amazing Race stuff first
Homeschool Mom from VA

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